The island of Santorini

Santorini – also known as Thera – is the island immortalized by poets, painters and artists through the ages. The island of strong north winds and bottomless waters, of vineyards and stunning sunsets, the island of red and black sand beaches, of the aggressive volcano that brought about and sculptured the sharp and multi-coloured cliffs.

Santorini is the island of serenity!

In this stunning setting, Nostos luxury apartments offers a combination of tranquillity, breathtaking views and romantic isolation in a complex of traditional renovated accommodations blending plain Aegean characteristics with modern and lavish facilities. Efficient, yet discreet, the staff looks after our guest’s needs, for an unforgettable experience in a unique location overlooking the azure sea.

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Located in Oia, you can enjoy our breathtaking view of Caldera


Luxurious Apartments

Traditional architecture, hand-crafted furniture and private porches
overlooking the volcano and the azure sea.

Ideal for Couples

We want to ensure that your visit to Santorini will be truly magical. So we have searched and handpicked the best experiences for you!

Create unique memories in Santorini. Our concierge has a wide variety of alternatives to offer in order to make your stay unforgettable. From wine tasting to yacht sailing there are a ton of outstanding things to see and do on the island.

Browse through our list of selected activities and see how you can make your holiday in Santorini a lifetime experience.

Delicious meal with a spectacular view of the volcano from Nostos Apartments in Oia Santorini
Delicious pasta offered from Nostos Apartments in Oia Santorini
The lavish double bed offered from Nostos Apartments in Oia Santorini
The magnificent sun set view from Nostos Apartments in Oia Santorini
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Νostos & COVID-19: Safety Practices with care!

At Nostos apartments we are ready for season’s opening.
Given the unprecedented situation all over the world, we take our guest’s safety and the safety of our employees very seriously, thus we have complied with COVID-19 hygienic-sanitary measures, and strictly following governmental protocols.

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